Online roulette with a dealer is a very popular game on the live casino product. This game is played on real roulette tables with a real ball and dealer to give you the best gaming experience possible. It gives you a really near real-life experience with the good quality offered and also as you can interact with the live dealer and the other players through the chat. We have dedicated this page for this type of game so that you’re able to get more information about it. You are able to read more about the product below should this be of interest to you.

How does online live roulette work?

Let us take a look into how online live roulette works. You might have heard about it but you’re not sure how it works and therefore we’ll be explaining this here. First off we have the game provider who’d offer the games. They are the ones who have the live casino studios where the tables and dealers will be at. This studio would then be rigged with cameras so that they can catch all moments in real-time. The dealer wears a microphone so that he or she can communicate with the players. This also allowed them to answer questions from the players as well should there be any. The picture from the table would then be transmitted to the player’s screen so they can see everything happening.

live casino roulette

When all of this has been set up it’s time for the gambling sites to do their part. They are the ones that you would signup with and not the game providers. The games will be integrated at the gambling site so that you as a player, later on, can play it. All you need to do is to create an account and deposit money. If this has been fulfilled you are able to start playing online live roulette with a real dealer. You will have a choice of different types of roulette as well as different stake limits.

Play online live roulette with bonuses

If you want to get some extra value out of your money then a bonus would be the way forward. A bonus could either come as a free bonus or as a deposit bonus. In most cases, you will get more value out of a deposit bonus as this will reward you with higher amounts. A free bonus can be good in instances where you want to try a casino or game without depositing. With the deposit bonus, it means that you could get a certain percentage from the gambling site on top of your deposit.

Example: If you get a deposit bonus of 100% up to £100 and deposit £100, you will get £100 in bonus so that you get to play at £200 in total.

That would mean that you can increase your stake while playing to get higher wins. There are also both casino bonuses and live casino bonuses that you can play online live roulette with. If you are playing with a casino bonus it might be some rules blocking you from playing on live casino. It could also be that bets on the live casino will count 10 or 25% depending on the bonus. So it’s always good to read terms and conditions before activating any bonuses. When playing with a live casino bonus however the bets usually count 100% but the wagering requirement is higher.

Live roulette with a dealer in mobile

It’s possible to use a mobile phone as a computer in our modern world. It’s almost possible to do everything on a mobile that you can do on a computer these days. Therefore there’s also a big focus from gambling companies and game providers on offering mobile games. With the new HTML5 format it’s possible to make all new games available for computers, mobile and tablets. Since many of the live roulette games are quite new, they are all available on mobile.

It’s, therefore, possible to register an account, making deposits, withdrawals and play most games on your mobile devices. So if you don’t own a PC there is no reason to worry as most UK sites will offer you a mobile site. Something to keep an eye out for is the UKGC licence as the sites that has that are very serious and secure. Usually, this means that the mobile site is optimized so you could keep an eye out for those.