In order to be able to play live casino online, there have to be game providers. They would then develop the games and provide the technology that makes this possible. As the product keeps on growing we get to see more games and providers starting up online. Even if all are not offering live casino there are a few who does. On this page, we will be covering information about game providers so that you will have a better knowledge about how it all works.

Popular game developers online

NetEnt & Evolution Gaming providersWhen it comes to popular game developers online there are a few to mention. To start off with we can inform you that all different game providers offer different types of games and they all have their own style. Most of the game providers out there will be offering slot machines and some table games. The most popular providers here would be Play’n GO, NetEnt, Microgaming, Quickspin and Yggdrasil Gaming. But this site is more focused on the live casino so that’s what we’ll cover here below. There are only a few who offer the product as it requires a lot of resources. Those would be the following game providers:

  • NetEnt
  • Microgaming
  • Evolution Gaming

These are the ones who provide the online community with their live casino games. One of the reasons why there aren’t more providers offering live casino is because you need a lot of employees for this. If you only offer automated slots you don’t need this as the games will run on their own. But with a live casino, you actually need a live dealer and other staff around this. That’s why the three companies mentioned above all have over 1000 employees.

Game providers deliver mobile games

In modern days it’s very popular to gamble on your mobile or tablet. This as very many don’t own a PC any longer when basically all functions are available in the mobile devices. So because of this, we’ve seen a big increase in recent years of people using their mobiles to gamble online. With your mobile, you’d also be able to play no matter where you are in the world. Therefore we’ve also gotten modern game providers who deliver mobile games. Without this, they would miss out on essentially half or more of all users online. So there’s a big focus on mobile devices nowadays so that all the new games that are developed could be played on all devices.

Something that really helps the mission by providing all games on all devices is the new HTML5 format. Earlier all games have to run with Flashplayer and there had to be a separate version made for mobile usage. So the game providers needed to create one version for desktop and one for mobiles/tablets. This is the reason as well as why all games still aren’t available via mobile. However, with HTML5 the game will adapt itself to the window of the device it’s opened in. So it’s only one version of it that’s needed and it can be played on all devices. This also means that you can hold your phone either vertical or horizontal and the game will work both ways. You’re able to play all new games on any device in other words.

Live casino providers in the future

So what could we expect from live casino providers going forward? Something that we can see all the time is that they get new technology that gives them the opportunity to add new features. That’s something that we will get to see more of going forward. New innovative features and better quality overall to start off with. We’ll also get to see new games added to their selection of games. Only recently towards the end of 2017, we saw the new game ‘Dream Catcher‘ being launched.

Now in 2018 and going forward we’re sure that we’ll get to see even more games added. One table game that might be added soon enough would be Craps. This American version of Hazard is very popular in America and it’s a fun game. The only thing they need to figure out is how to solve the fact that there is no player available to throw the actual dices.

We might even get a new game provider who will be offering live casino. Since the product is growing there should be space for others if they would invest in it. We’re excited about what the future might bring but we’re sure we’ll get to see many new things on the market.